Why Users Prefer Instagram Story Over Posts on Instagram

Instagram is providing plenty of features through which you can communicate with other users on the social media platform. People are uploading the picture or video as a post on their timeline, or can publish on the story. We have researched many companies and agencies and we have come to know that most people are likely to use the Instagram story instead of post. There are several reasons such as when you open the Instagram app on top of home screen stories are showing this is the reason people are interacting more with stories. The one more reason is in the Instagram story we can find lots of features of making Instagram Story.

Benefits of Online Marketing

Well if we are talking about the benefits of online marketing, then social media platforms come first in our mind. Actually social media is the present and future of marketing. The online marketing provide the additional dimension of the advertising of the business or brand. Instagram nowadays is the most leading platform in the mean of the marketing. If you are new on Instagram then definitely you need to buy Instagram story views because without views advertising on Instagram is useless. Instagram is providing the extraordinary features even the separate account for the business promotion which is known as Instagram business account. In this account you can monitor the performance of your business or brand. You can identify where you need more hard work.

The Upper Hand of Instagram Story

If you are promoting the post and story on the Instagram then definitely your Instagram page will be successful. But if we are considering only Instagram story then it has more weightage. Instagram story has capability to gain story more views, audience and followers. Almost 80% people when open the Instagram app they first open the Instagram story just because it is showing on the top of screen. Moreover the Instagram story is providing some amazing features for creating the post for example boomerang, slo mo, superzoom, rewind and so on. These features you can find in the post. As well as you can also add stickers, hashtags, geotags and can apply the filters on the picture.

Some features those are helping in creating more attractive Instagram story and make it more appealing than Ordinary post

  • Stickers – when you are creating the Instagram story you will see the option of the stickers on the top right of the screen. Click on that option then you will see lots of stickers. Choose the sticker and click.
  • Highlights – we know what the Instagram story stay online for 24 hours but you want to keep it online for long term then you can set it has highlighted.
  • Link Insertion – you have seen many times on the Instagram story the swipe up text, actually the link is attached with the story.